• “Our department has become as close to a paperless operation as a police agency can become as a result of forms and documents being digitally available. You can see the enthusiasm of the personnel of North Reading Police Department as I have for this product; without DHQ we would feel that we were knocked back into the dark ages.”

    – Retired Chief Edward Nolan, North Reading Police Department

    North Reading Police Department
  • “Malden’s Police Department relies heavily on the features of Dhigital HeadQuarters…which has catapulted Malden’s Police Department into the modern policing age. Most importantly, officers are able to instantly share vital information such as surveillance video, photographs, and BOLO notices – right out to the laptops in the cruisers and on their phones.”

    – David Urban, Malden Police Department

    Malden Police Department
  • “DHQ has become an integral part of our day-to-day operations. It has become the primary way we share and disseminate information. It IS the department library. I highly recommend DHQ for any public safety agency.”

    – Retired Marshal Thomas Howard, Newburyport MA Police Department

    Newburyport Police Department
  • “I would highly recommend DHQ to my peers. After several months of using the program, I honestly do not know how we operated without it.”

    – Chief Richard Smith, Wakefield Police Department, IACP VP-At-Large

    Wakefield Police Department
  • “DHQ has greatly improved our efforts to streamline the flow of information. Roll call is timely and easily accessed by the whole department. Almost daily we discover more uses of DHQ to more effectively manage information within the department. The web interface allows instant access to vital information to all officers, including mobile laptops in the cruisers. I would highly recommend DHQ to my colleagues, It would be hard to imagine our department without DHQ.”

    – Chief Terrence Cunningham, Wellesley Police Department, Past President IACP

    Wellesley Police Department
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